What are silver and silver plate?

Silver is a very clearly defined description. Silver is a soft precious metal. The silver content is specified in parts per 1000. Mema/GAB’s silver cutlery is at least 830 parts silver, i.e. it is 83% pure silver. Silver plate describes cutlery that is only plated with silver.

How should I store my silver cutlery?

We recommend that silver cutlery is used every day. Then it does not need polishing. In this case, it is fine to keep it in the cutlery drawer.

If the cutlery is not used every day, it is best to keep it somewhere airtight, dry and dark. Additionally, silver cutlery should not come into contact with rubber, e.g. elastic bands.

Should silver cutlery be polished every time I use it?

No! It is a very common misunderstanding that silver cutlery should be polished repeatedly. However, the more you use cutlery the less it needs polishing. Cutlery need not be polished provided it is stored correctly and used regularly.

Can I put my silver cutlery in the dishwasher?

All Mema/GAB’s silver is dishwasher-safe. Silver is a very durable and resistant material, so it actually withstands dishwashing better than any other material. However, steel and silver must be kept apart in the dishwasher.

How do I polish my cutlery?

Today there are many easy ways to polish silver cutlery. You can get various kinds of polishes from your jeweller. There are impregnated polishing cloths, sprays for large amounts of cutlery, traditional pastes and a bottle with a dipping basket for the cutlery. So it is easy to choose a method that suits you best and meets your needs.