CPB 2091 - New pieces

Designer Carl Philip Bernadotte continues to explore silver as a material. He has, in close collaboration with the silversmiths and craftsmen at Mema/GAB in Eskilstuna, designed new and exciting pieces for the successful and entirely handmade cutlery series CPB 2091. Alongside the longed-for starter fork, starter knife and cake server, the designer has drawn a water glass completely made out of silver.

The water glass fits in well with the cutlery in the series. The characteristically rounded shape shared by the knife, fork and spoon also appears in the glass. To enhance the exact roundness of the glasses top, the designer has made the bottom an oval shape. The playfulness with symmetry lets the material speak. Simple and aesthetic, just like the rest of the pieces in the popular cutlery series.

The pieces have now grown to an entire series and consists of: table fork, table knife, table spoon, starter fork, starter knife, dessert spoon, coffee spoon, cake server and water glass.

2010-05-25 Pressrelease - CPB 2091 - New pieces

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