When Lulu Carter – the interior design stylist from Swedish TV4’s home improvement programme “Äntligen hemma” – creates fashionable new table settings, she uses silver cutlery from Mema/GAB. Silver is suitable for every occasion, for everyday use as well as celebrations, and always looks equally attractive. In fact, Lulu even takes silver cutlery on picnics. She has new approaches to table settings, and shows that it is easier to both use and care for table silver than most people believe.


Lulu Carter has given us her best table-setting tips, plus five different table settings for inspiration. She encourages everyone to find their personal style, and then design each table setting according to the occasion and how they feel. When she sets the table, she considers six things:


1. Who is coming? Why are we getting together?

2. What colour scheme should I choose?

3. Being adventurous – when I feel like it.

4. The table setting is half the meal, just as the wrapping is half the gift.

5. Don’t bother with pretentious napkin folding.

6. As far as possible, use a white linen cloth as a base.